"Ms Karen is wonderful. There's NO studio that cares like she does. You'll be so happy you choose them. They are serious about their teaching, but they find, embrace and cultivate the gifts unique to each child. You will love it!"Kat M.
"I am so thankful for the time, patience, and instruction that you provide each week. Your love of children and dance are evident in your actions."Julie S.
""Thank you” Ms. Karen & Mr. Mike for your commitment to all the kids at Clermont Academy of Dance. You have worked hard to bring quality teachers with professional dance industry backgrounds to the studio as instructors. Your staff is wonderful, supportive and genuinely want to see our kids succeed. The teachers are talented, professional and a great asset to your Studio. Their knowledge and experience within the Dance industry speaks for itself and they share it in a way that the students enjoy learning. Our girls come home excited about what they have learned and how the teachers interact and are engaged with them during class. We want to say “Thank You” for all the hard work and dedication you and your staff have given to the students this 2015-2016 season. We look forward to a long future with you at Clermont Academy of Dance."Rhonda & Roland P.
"I couldn't be happier about the direction CAD is going under the direction of Mr. Mike and Miss Karen. My Daughter has been a student at CAD since 2013 but it was Miss Karen who first really noticed her potential and nominated her for the ISP program. This year as owners Mike and Karen took charge of the studio and have been making positive changes. They are both approachable and fun and do their best to be accessible for everyone when they can. My daughter adores Miss Karen and Mr.Mike and I look forward to more positive changes in the years ahead! Cadstrong!!!! "Summer A.
"After four years of dancing at Clermont Academy of Dance I have seen so much growth in my daughter. In this last year under the direction of Karen and instruction from wonderful dance teachers I have seen so much advancement in her skill. Through lessons with the amazing Mr. Mike she has improved in her acrobatic skills and her confidence. We love Clermont Academy and we can't wait to see what the future holds. "Tiffany B.
"Clermont Academy of Dance has been a part of our family’s life for the past 8 years. We were initially drawn to the academy for the variety of dance classes that were offered. My son began with a summer hip hop class, fell in love with dance and has been dancing ever since. My daughter began dancing before she was 3 years old and has grown and matured both as a dancer and a young lady. CAD offers a high quality dance education combined with a variety of programs to meet the needs, interests and budget of every family. The dance instructors are professionals that focus on quality dance education that builds confidence, high self-esteem and builds friendships that last a lifetime. Under new ownership, we are excited to see CAD grow and take our dancers up and beyond where they ever dreamed possible."Amy H.
"My Daughter has been part of the CAD for 6 years. Last year, it was purchased by Mike and Karen and we could not be happier. They both come with an impressive resume of performing arts. Not only them but the rest of the staff that they have selected. The talent is extensive and I know my child is getting one of the best dance educations around. However, to me one of the most important lessons taught are the ones Karen and Mike; the entire staff teach my child and that is good morals, being a good leader, giving back to my community. Don’t let that fool you though they still teach and guide what it is like out there in the REAL world of dance, dedication, discipline and technic. All this important to me to make sure that no matter what my child’s goals are in her adult life she has been surround by the best examples of success. I could not imagine having my child anywhere else! Thank you Karen and Mike for making the experience for us exceptional!"Martha M.
"My daughter’s love of dancing has blossomed since we have been at CAD. This is her second year here and her dream to be on the competition team has come true. She was officially invited to dance with some of her closest friends to compete next dance season. This would have not happened without the love of her teachers, their commitment and their drive to push her to be a better dancer...as her mom I can see love of dance in her eyes....CAD truly is an amazing studio. We could not thank Ms. Karen and Mr. Mike enough for all that they do for my daughter!"Shelly L.
"Great job. CAD was the best performance in both parades...no one came close! Well done and thanks for your hard work. We are so pleased Jessica is receiving such professional training."Deborah S
"I continue to be impressed with you and your studio. It has been such a wonderful experience to work with such strong and creative women. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and hope for many more to come."D.W.
"I wanted to praise YOU again with all that you have taught Alexis in Jazz class. Week to week I have been amazed by her progress. Thank you (again) for noticing both her strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate all you have done to make her a better dancer. You are a great dance instructor and I appreciate the way you run your class."Michelle F
" My girls and I have been very happy with the studio and your entire staff. We feel that each and every one puts for the effort to make all students feel valued and more importantly loved. The girls have found a place where they are happy and truly love to be there and for that I can never thank the studio enough. It amazes me that they can have such a passion about something at such a young age and I have to believe that the studio was a huge part of helping them realize that passion. Once again, many, many thanks to you and your entire staff!!!!!"Karen P
"Thank you for the 3 amazing years of dance lessons you and your studio provided for my daughter. She was in your class in 2005-2006 as a 5-year-old and Miss Julie's as a 3-year-old and 4-year-old. We relocated to Fort Myers last year. We just finished auditions today and she made the team! She is so thrilled! So, we are hoping that we will see you and Miss Julie at competition in Lakeland at some point this year. We are really proud of her and owe a lot of her success to the 3 years of teaching she had in your studio. Thank you!!"Kathy C
"I just wanted to take a second to tell you how terrific I thought the recital was in June. Mostly, I thought that the Phantom of the Opera portion was FANTASTIC. I thought that your interpretation of the musical was more than anyone could really have expected. Everyone of the dancers was fantastic. I thought it was probably one of my most favorite non-professional performance to date. Keep up the wonderful work that you all do at CAD. We are proud to be apart of it all."Linda B
"Thanks for offering such a wonderful place for kids to express what they love to do which is DANCE! My child has had a wonderful time this year and I thank you and your staff for that. I'm sure she was scared (so was I) after dancing 9 years in one studio and going somewhere new, but she felt right at home right away and that's just a reflection on the studio as a whole. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you do."Liz R
"We like the family atmosphere at CAD for many reasons. Everyone is friendly, we never feel left out of the loop of what's happening, our dancers feel comfortable and accepted, whenever we've had a concern or a question the studio's open door policy has been a reassurance."Debbie S
"There is a clerk to collect fees: the teachers do not spend time doing this." There is supervision (in the classroom) at all times."Anonymous
"I love that everything is planned in advance and we are given plenty of print reminders. You spoil us!"Sandi H
"My daughter looks up to her teachers. She has great respect for their talent and dedication. She has grown to love the ones she has been with the longest and through this respect & love she tries always to dance her best for them. The CAD teachers & staff are so awesome to her!"Carreen B
"Attention to detail is much better, you challenge the girls without frustrating them, your choreography is better, and costumes are nice."Kimberly L
"Professional teachers teach the class, not students."Anonymous
"Foster a genuine love of dance!"Valerie W
"There is more one on one instruction at CAD."S Rini
"Small class sizes, multiple choices of time and classes, and room for parents to congregate to watch and wait."Patricia D
"You make everything fun, my children don't even realize their being taught!"Marie S
"I've noticed with one other studio that there wasn't a receptionist and reception area, and also no adults on site only high school aged supervision was provided. Things there seemed a bit unorganized and confusing compared to how CAD provides these services along with adequate supervision and a safe facility."Debbie S
"(Teachers) give a lot of personal attention and very diversified activities to keep it (instruction) fresh. Classes are appropriately geared to age."Hillary S