Intensive Study Program(ISP)

Dance company of Clermont At Clermont Academy of Dance we offer dancers many choices through our Children's program, Recreational Dance and the Intensive Study Program. Entry into the ISP is by teacher invitation or audition, not by parent request. Once accepted into this program students are placed in classes with other students of similar ability and maturity levels but not necessarily similar ages. The level of expectation is much higher for these students as they must meet stringent requirements for attendance, dance attire and performance skill. In addition, ISP students are required to enroll in specific classes and attend a set number of workshops, a summer intensive and local dance conventions. ISP students and parents can expect a more serious commitment of time and larger financial responsibilities. The ISP is also more physically demanding on students and requires both the student and parent to have a keen sense of organization and communication. Organization and communication are the keys to a successful and happy ISP experience.

ISP Selection Process: ISP recommendations are the result of a year longprocess.When selecting and placing ISP students we consider ability, maturity, experience and attitude of each student. Teachers are always observing students in class, in the studio areas, in rehearsals, on the recital stage, etc. We take everything into consideration because we want groups that will work well together, learn best together and grow quickly together. Some students receive invites to go directly into the ISP program, others may receive an invite to attend one of our ISP auditions. There are no guarantees. Even though a student is invited into the ISP, failure to satisfactorily complete ISP requirements can result in probation or removal from the program. Once a student is accepted into the ISP, the staff may choose at any time, to move a dancer from one class to another depending on his or her ability as it compares to the others in that particular class. We aim to group dancers together according to their their common strengths, weaknesses, ability to pick up quickly and maturity. This is a difficult task that consumes hours of thought and planning. In all things competitive in nature we understand that parents may have a different opinion from the teacher. We expect this will happen, however, parents must trust in our ability to properly place students, educate dancers and lead them to be the best dancers possible.

The Main Attraction Dance Company

Some ISP students are also invited to participate in our MA dance company. These dancers must already be accepted into the ISP and demonstrate a strong desire to perform. MA dancers must possess strong technique and showmanship skill. The MA performs in local parades, charity events and the annual dance recital.

Main Attraction Dance Company of Clermont

The Main Attraction Competition Team

2005, Clermont Academy of Dance made the decision to enter the competition scene full force. This highly motivated group consists of dancers from ages 4 up to college level. The ISP and MA Dance Company are prerequisites for the Competition Team. Competition team dancers are required to take a minimum of 5 classes of week but most take 8 -10. All competition dancers can expect to rehearse 4-10 hours per week. The competition team rehearsal days are Monday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday is family time therefore no rehearsals are scheduled on Sundays.

Competition Team Selection Process: A select group of dancers from our Main Attraction dance company are invited to be a part of our National Award winning Competition Team. This elite group of dancers are hand picked by our staff and local dance professionals for their strong technique, outstanding showmanship, the ability to learn and memorize choreography quickly, the desire to reach their full dance potential and dedication to the team.

Why We Compete: Our competitive students realize that life can be a competition in itself and therefore they understand and value the lessons learned on the competition dance floor. These dancers know what it is to develop a strong work ethic and take that work ethic with them into adulthood. Their commitment to the art of dance is evidence by their motivation to sacrifice many outside activities for anywhere between 10-15 hours of dance training per week. The Main Attraction Competition Team has seen the fruit of their labor through the countless awards received at both regional and national dance competitions. They've also reaped non tangible benefits such as self respect, pride and the value of teamwork. The Main Attraction Competition team has received numerous Top medals, Overall awards and special Judge's awards for Best Presentation, Best Technique, Most Entertaining, Outstanding Technique & Music Timing, and Most Energetic. Several dancers from our competition team have been recognized with scholarships, cash awards, titles, and individual excellence awards. The Main Attraction Competition team choreographers have been recognized several times with Best Choreography and Top Choreographer of the Year awards. Our team is reigning 2013 Overall CRU National Champions.

For more information about the ISP, the Main Attraction Dance Company or the Competition Team please contact our competition director here.

Clermont Main Attraction Competition Dance Team