Ballet classes in Clermont

Ballet is the classic, theatrical dance. Basic ballet technique serves as an excellent background for most other dance forms. Ballet teaches students to develop their muscular strength and coordination as well as poise, good posture, grace and self-confidence. Students also learn about the physical and mental discipline, both of which are necessary skills needed in life.

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Pointe classes in Clermont

All pointe classes are by invitation only and students must be concurrently enrolled in ballet class. Pointe is done in specific "pointe" shoes that require special fitting. Pointe is an advanced form of ballet and therefore only trained, matured students will be considered for pointe class. This is an invitation only class.

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Contemporary dance classes in Clermont

Strongly influenced by ballet, this interpretive dance style marries the grace and fluidity of ballet with the strength and emotional elements found in jazz. Dancers must have previous ballet experience and be concurrently enrolled in ballet.

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